CS26 – Acrylic colours Lifecolor for Guns and weapons


Set of 6 acrylic colours Lifecolor 22ml to paint weapons: Guns and Weapons

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Color set to paint light weapons and metallics parts. Contains 2 wood shades, 3 base colors for the metallic surfaces and one special bottle of “Reflecting Agent”. Mix over a palette your selected base color with a small percentage of “Reflecting Agent” and apply the mixture with a brush or with airbrush. When dry (15-20 min.) polish with a stiff brush. Mixing different percentages of colour with “Reflecting Agent” and polishing it more or less you can obtain many colour with metallic shades. Spraying the mix colour – Reflecting Agent with airbrush please use a 0,3mm nozzle and apply preferably several liquid coats.

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Weight 209 g
Dimensions 17 × 12 × 3,5 cm